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10% of the proceeds from SoulSweat's online dance classes are donated to Dance 2B Free!

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How our Teacher-Trainings Work

Do you know of a women's prison that could benefit? Here's what to do:

1. Send us an email and let us know of your interest.

2. We mail (for free!) the interested prison a set of Dance 2B Free workout DVDs (7 classes, 50 minutes each) for the prison staff, recreation department, & inmates to review and experience for themselves.

3. If the DVDs generate interest, Dance 2B Free will begin talks to collaborate with the prison to bring a live Teacher Training program to the prison. D2BF brings the content, but D2BF relies on input from prison staff and inmates to create the best program for each prison's individual needs.

4. Inmates are certified as Dance 2B Free dance instructors which provides continued sense of purpose for those still in prison as they lead recreational dance classes and meaningful skills & work opportunities for the women after their release.

Join Us!

We're currently building our team! As we grow we are continually looking for talented volunteers and donors to help support and spread our mission of bringing the joy of movement into women’s prisons. We're particularly interested to collaborate with those who have experience in the non-profit and criminal justice fields, but your own unique talents might be just the right fit for our team.  Please contact us if you'd like to contribute!

Know of a Women's Prison That Could Benefit or Have a Question? Contact Us.

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